Effective 8/15/2018

On 8/16/18 all Telmaxteleprompters.com who purchased products that included ZaPrompt Pro from telmaxteleprompters.com or zaprompt.com have had your customer information migrated to the new telmaxteleprompter.com ecommerce website which is still at the url: telmaxteleprompters.com.

This migration includes all of your customer details and order history and to view it you will need to activate your new account at telmaxteleprompters.com.

On 8/16/18 you received an email from telmaxteleprompters.com titled: [Telmax Teleprompters] Order #<<your order number>> placed by <<your name>>

This email went to the email address you established when you created your original account. The content of this email is very important to ZaPrompt Pro software owners because it explains how you are to retrieve your free new copy of ZaPrompt Pro.

On 9/12018 all ZaPrompt Pro serial number that were assigned through this site prior to 8/15/18 will be invalidated. From that date forward your new serial number will be the only way you can activate future versions of the software. This process will NOT de-activate you current installations. Those activation will stay active.

If you are a returning customer and have not yet retrieved your new copy of ZaPrompt Pro from our new site please locate the email mentioned above and do so. If you have not received this email, or have lost the email please contact us using the contact link at telmaxteleprompters.com

Your current license and orders are still available on this site and will remain their until the migration process has been completed. So you can always select the "My account" link in the top right corner of this page to retrieve your current serial number.